Linux Web server and VPN,Proxy or Other Services Use A Same Port

I tried to explain how to use the web server and the program we want with the same IP address and port as İptables and Cloudflare.

Public use on open networks is sometimes only open to some ports with all ports disabled. In such cases, we prefer 443 port on our VPN servers. It is not possible to provide both web and VPN services from a server using the same port under normal conditions. A port at an IP address can only use one program.

Exceeding PPPOE Speed Limit with VPN

How to exceed the speed limit of your service provider on PPP conection ? You need the wrong username and password.

Sometimes we need high speeds when we uploading our projects from the server or downloading from the server. My service provider lowered the upload speed from 4 megabits to 2 megabits, this is a very bad situation for me.

Arduino Basic Voltmeter

How to make a simple arduino voltage meter without resistor.

Today we make a simple voltage meter with Arduino. When I testing the ESP WiFi range, I found that the wifi range too low. I need a multimeter but not found around me. I use arduino as multimeter. Open Arduino IDE Software. Write code below on your project.


NAT4464 is a system designed to provide Internet access for devices that do not support IPv6 where access is only provided with IPv6. The difference between nat64 and server-side software is required as well as software on the modem.


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