Extend Wi-Fi Range With ESP8266

Summer is coming and weather is will be too hot to stay inside.
Your Wi-Fi may be good but when the Wi-Fi signal face to Concrete, the signal is immediately drop down. To prevent this add WI-FI extender to between client and router at middle. It is easy but if you don’t have Wi-Fi extender or you don’t want to buy and you may build own Wi-fi extender system for fun. Let’s build it.

Alternative for Samba or ftp to Real Time Sync for Your Project Folder to Server - Push Files to Server on Every Change

Some time we have to develop software on own device but also we have to compile or run at remote computer.
Why I am using remote compile or debug ?
First reason is test publicly and access at everywhere. Second reason is some times I am developing on my phone. Compiling on phone is not good idea.
Third reason is my developing and compile environment is different. My computer is not well support on Linux system, so also most of the time my projects is about on Linux. Due to this requirement, I have to use Linux on virtual machine and I am editing files on network.


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