Teredo on Docker Container

In few days ago I need to access to my docker container via teredo to access my entire network. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you might know, I am developt own Router-Server systems to handle my network requirments. My router system doesn’t has a package manager to install applications from directly but 3 months ago before to coming to university i make a work to run docker on my router system.

Getting Priority on 3G Network

Some times I use my mobile hotspot to watching tv or working on some projects. My mobile service Provider has a problem since 2019 September. Last semester I have a 4G connection over LTE 1800 but this semester TurkTelekom doesn’t provide LTE 1800 connection at Tarabya neighborhood, they only provide 2G, 3G and LTE 800 connections.

Firefox One Line

firefox When using Firefox, the browser is made up of 3 columns, which means there is less space on the page than the browser window. Such a thing usually does not happen in new modern designs. We can make changes to the interface of the browser by creating its own css fill in Firefox. You need to create a folder and a file to make adjustments on your computer.


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