Getting Priority on 3G Network

Some times I use my mobile hotspot to watching tv or working on some projects. My mobile service Provider has a problem since 2019 September. Last semester I have a 4G connection over LTE 1800 but this semester TurkTelekom doesn’t provide LTE 1800 connection at Tarabya neighborhood, they only provide 2G, 3G and LTE 800 connections.

This is make a chaos on 3g Network while most of the students connected. Mobile connection systems are shared networks, connections are not dedicated per users. The base stations detecting the connection if doesn’t have real time activity like voip unlike a buffering streams (Youtube or tv) , they put the connections to waiting mode for the sharing bandwith with the other users.

If you are planning to wiriting message on whatsapp or looking stories at instagram you can a little bit angry for the loading times.

For the prevent to sleeping connections with base station solution is easy. Using dummy packets are very common solution.

	ping -s 0 -i 0.5

Solving this problem with ping command is very useful at my phone.

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