Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a simple web interface created to use various network tools over the Web.

The reason I did the system was that both myself and my friends needed similar network tools. We can easily provide you with control over mobile devices where you do not have our own equipment outside the home.

With the ping command, you can learn the delay, packet loss and jitters between the system of that company and the server you set as your target.

With the tracert command you can see the equipment and route at Layer 3 between the company in that locality that serves the client and the server you set as your target.

With the whois command, you can see where a domain name is owned by which company the site is located, and where the domain name servers are located. In addition, the site’s whois page and command also support querying the ip address of other sites.

There is one terminal window on the main page. With this window you can use simple terminal commands.

System auto-update feature available. The browser is running through the disk cache for as long as you specify after the initial installation to quickly open pages. If a change has been made in the system, the page is automatically updated to the new version.

You can access the system at https://lg.ahmetozer.org

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