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Due to the increased air pollution our cities are getting harder to breathe. This problem is bigger in city centers.

The reason is quite simple, the residential areas in the city centers are so frequent that the number of persons and vehicles falling in square meters due to high buildings is higher than in rural areas. The places around the city center are so low that they can not compare with the green countryside.

One of the best and cheapest ways to reduce the CO2 rate in the air is to plant trees, but in cities there is no place to plant trees other than the roof.

With the help of Emre Hatay and our guide teacher Hüseyin Koç, we designed the system to reduce air pollution thanks to Alg Air by researching and exchanging ideas.


The electricity generated from the solar panels is transmitted to the motor that provides the water circulation and to the air motor that supplies air from outside.

The air drawn in the air motor is transferred to the activated carbon filter, where the particles in the air are collected by means of gravity and the particulate-free air is delivered to the algae tank.

The air from the filtered carbon is sent to the distributor with the perforated surface under the air tank to distribute the tank evenly.

A water motor is used to ensure even distribution of heat and mineral balance in the water.

The proliferating, excessively accumulated algae are collected by the filter at the inlet of the water motor. The algae collected can then be used as fuel or fertilizer.

Leaked air is released from the top of the tank by algae passing through the tank.

The Alg Air can be covered to cover the outer surface of the buildings, and the production cost can be met by the conversion of the proliferating algae into fuel.

The project is entitled to be 3rd in the High School Category at the International Green Brain Competition organized by METU North Cyprus Campus.

ODTU KTTC 2014 Opening Ceremony (FACEBOOK)

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