NAT4464 is a system designed to provide Internet access for devices that do not support IPv6 where access is only provided with IPv6. The difference between nat64 and server-side software is required as well as software on the modem.

Let’s give an example of a better understanding of the text.

Let’s say we have a TV with Lg’s Netcast operating system. You only get our internet access via IPv6, Modem does not have IPv4 direct access. You will have easy access to IPv6-enabled addresses from your IPv6-enabled computer. With non-IPv6 support, you can also translate IP addresses to IPV6 with DNS64 and access IPv4 addresses using NAT64 of your service provider. Tyga is a software that can both be used to translate ipv6 addresses from NAT64 to ipv4 addresses and NAT46 to ipv4 addresses can also be used to translate ipv6 addresses. You can set the Tayga software for NAT46 using the program at If you are using linux after you have provided NAT46 support with software on your system, you can activate NAT44 with sysctl on the kernel.

To connect the TV to the internet, first the ipv4 connection is established with the modem and the ipv4 address is processed so as to be output. (NAT44 - NAT). The local address to be output is also changed from IPv4 to IPv6 by software (NAT46). The hardware or software on the other side of the service provider also translates ipv6 address to ipv4 (NAT64). As a result, the connection with NAT4464 is ensured.

NAT44 and DNS64 are mechanisms that can be embedded in a system that does not require much resource consumption. In NAT46, the process is software-dependent and varies according to resource consumption, packet size, and packet count (BPS / PPS).

In the tests we did, the tayga software was on a 50 megabit connection, only one of the two cores on an Allwiner A20 processor was used and 70% CPU usage was reached. This is normally less than conspicuous resource consumption, but the performance of the modems we use at home is lower than that of Allwiner A20.

No fluctuations in the connection occurred during the tests. Generally a stable connection is provided. When a user is playing online games you will notice that they are not noticeable (+ -3ms).

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