Ahmet OZER


Interested in engineering and scientific issues and likes to ride bikes and walk. Contact to Ahmet --- 13 June 1998 A young man born in Marmaris. Of course, the love and respect for nature in Marmaris is more than respect. You know that most of today's inventions have come out in line with needs. In my early years I developed myself on simple systems. Interaction and connection of these systems to each other. I did not know that most of the devices would have a contribution in the future to open and repair it. I was just enjoying repairing something and producing something with the materials in hand for the need. Since I started to deal with such systems before the first school, my hand skill has improved considerably compared to my age, and when I look at an object, I have the knowledge to predict the system inside. Today, based on this information, I use my experience in many electronics, water installations and similar manual work. I like to produce solid solutions to the problems I have and I can usually do these solutions quickly with the materials in hand. In my middle school years, it was no longer enough to open up surrounding objects and my hunger became hungry. When I finished most of the documents on NATGEO on television, I had to find different occupations. In this regard, the computer is switched on. I am a person who likes personalization. I started with applying the theme I see on Deviantart on Windows Vista and installing the desktop tools. I have experienced new experiences by solving the problems that I have encountered on the operating system and repairing others' devices. I've been studying different programs on the market, trying to see how they work, how they get us, and how they work. Before I started to produce, I made the researches thoroughly. Of course, working with operating systems will also bring curiosity to the Linux world. In June I ordered raspberry pi with accumulation with closing schools. I started to learn the difference between Raspberry pi and linux distributions. I started installing the server on these distributions. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised at the easy-to-control systems on the web, but I noticed that I needed to do the settings from the terminal to get the output on a device like rasp and I stopped using the agent. I rented my first server on Digital Ocean and started experimenting with my mindset by processing faster than raspberry pi. I created a wifi hotspot by following the steps in my wifi receiver and raspberry pi. [This Project](https://github.com/AhmetOZER/Dijitaller-Router-System) is not like this and it keeps progressing as I wonder and research. Since there is no operating system development in our country, I decided to try something myself, but I did not get tired of it due to the Fair Use Code for 6 months and I stopped developing it. A copy of the project is on SourceForge. My sensitivity to nature? I am fortunate that my childhood is not in a big city. I think that life in Marmarist has raised my respect and love for me. As I walk on the road, I constantly talk about my side as "the use of this damages nature, instead of damaging it." Nowadays, electricity generation can be done with minimum harm to the environment. The fact that the states over the world do not have any hard sanctions on this issue is also a matter of darkness. Nowadays, the ethics of global warming are quite evident, and it is hard for people to see it. You will be consumed some blank content on the TV, and they will be in a position to see what they have changed around the tracks. There is a drought problem in our country, but the effects of underground water and its effects are reflected in the coming years. It is important to know that the loss of clean water resources and damage to the earth is an end to life in the world.

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