Containerized Distro

Containerized Distro is an idea for embedded systems or the systems that are used in the long term for the same purpose. It is designed for flexibility, consistency, and long-term use, and is easy to upgrade or roll back.

Run AWS Sam for Golang on Mac M1

Amazon lambda is a widely used serverless platform, it supports a variety of programming languages but only one of them interests me which is golang. I write a basic tool for serverless run and before deploying this golang application to the lambda, I want to test this in my local.
Amazon has a testing tool which is called sam to test your cloud application on your local. It requires docker to start the test server on your local. When you follow the Amazon guidelines for your lambda deployment it seems to work at first glance.

How to run Linux on Macbook M1

For some reason, we need to run applications on x86 arch cpu and even the rosetta hase a good job in daily usage. In this blog, i will explain how run Linux distro in macbook M1 at Arm architecture.


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