What is a System Administrator, DevOps, and Platform Engineer?

If you are interested in working with hosting, you have already heard System, SRE, DevOps, Cloud, and Platform Engineer terms. From time to time hiring departments need to be made aware of the difference between those terms to define better job advertisements. You wonder what is the difference between them, when and where we should choose which work discipline?

GeoLocation Redirection with WAF and Lambda@Edge to Bypass AWS Rate Limit

When you serve your business in multiple countries, content can vary depending on location. For example, if your website only supports a few languages, to have instructions for nonsupported languages, you might have static pages for them.

Do not use a Personal account on Android TV

Home devices are getting smarter with the help of Internet of Things deployments and Google TV is one example product of this example. One of the LG Netcast TVs gets old and it is not able to open 4K videos on Youtube, for this reason, I start to look for a cheap solution to mitigate the freezing issues on youtube. Google TV is recommended by my friend, and I have experimented with the gadget on their TV. At first glance, It is a very responsive UI, has good integration with the android device, and is easy to use with help of good HDMI-CEC integration to TV, so I bought one Google Tv for myself.

Containerized Distro

Containerized Distro is an idea for embedded systems or the systems that are used in the long term for the same purpose. It is designed for flexibility, consistency, and long-term use, and is easy to upgrade or roll back.


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